Best Pet Insurance

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Best Pet Insurance
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Here's our pick of the UK's best pet insurance policies, based on independent research 🏆

Don't forget you can get up to £140 cashback at Quidco on 8 of the top 10 pet insurance providers.

Top 10 Pet Insurance 2024

  1. Many Pets (formerly Bought By Many), Complete 🥇– up to £95 cashback
  2. John Lewis, Lifetime £12,000 🥈 – up to £140 cashback
  3. Tesco Bank, Premier 🥉– up to £60.5o cashback
  4. Revolut, Gold
  5. Sainsburys Bank, Lifetime £10,000 – up to £72 cashback
  6. Napo, Advanced - up to £140 cashback
  7. Animal Friends, Lifetime £18,000 - up to £48 cashback
  8. LV=, Lifetime, £10,000 – up to £12 cashback
  9. Agria, Lifetime Plus – up to £72 cashback
  10. Co op, Lifetime £16,000

How did we come up with this list?

We used an algorithm to combine independent ratings from Which? and Fairer Finance with K9's summaries of customer feedback from reviews websites 🤓  


Looking for reviews on the best of the rest?

Did you know, K9 has reviewed more than 50 pet insurance companies? 🤯

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